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Om Liz

Hi! My name is Liz, and I am absolutely that weird lady who always seems too glad to pet your dog on the bus, even if you don't want to talk or are in a hurry.

I've been a foster parent for all animals since I was 9 years old, and volunteered at local vet's offices when I was 13. I am by no means a professional dog-walker, but I DEFINITELY have enough enthusiasm and love for animals (and, let's face it - dogs are my favorite!) that even if I don't have a degree, I can pretty much guarantee both myself AND your pooch will have a great time!

I run a creative community called Blank Space, and it can get pretty lonely being there all day long. I have a lovely cat at home, but she is scared of everything (all the time), and my business can get too stressful for me to adopt a dog full-time. But, I would LOVE to be able to "hang out" with dogs as often as possible, and since I run my own company, Mr or Ms. Dog can come with me to work, but just not home with me and Ms. Scaredy Cat.

As I also run an independent ART GALLERY, I can't say I am always making a lot of money either, so I figure a service like DogBuddy is a win-win for me!

I am available for both day-sitting (from 10:30-17:30), and walking in my neighborhood of Kværnerbyen / Gamlebyen / Vålerenga /Lodalen.

I hope to meet you and your fur baby soon!

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  • Andre kjæledyr: One of our studio renters has a dog, which comes by some evenings. She is a very chill and friendly lady, and is only there a few hours a week.
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  • Ricki

    Liz Was fantastic with Sydney. I thank her for all the help :-))

    10. Desember 2017

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