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Om Emily

I’m currently a student at University of Oslo. I live in a student village friendly with other cute dogs around. I love dogs so much as I used to have a puppy named Sheba for 9 years and she chose me as her owner! My boyfriend also has a cocker spaniel (showed in one of my pictures) and she’s a playful springy pup named Gigi. I wish to have a dog myself but can’t due to having university studies and living alone. However I would love to spend my free time with any puppy I see. I’m known to always get distracted by dogs passing by on streets (it’s true - my boyfriend gets annoyed by how distracted I am as I run up to them and say hello 99% of the time). I know how to care for puppies and can assure that your pup will have the best time with me because of how much love I will give them, as well as a good heckin’ time walking around Songsvann and Kringsjå!

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