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Om Antonio

Hei! I grew up with 2 collies, and I miss them greatly. I've lived in Oslo for one year, after having lived in Gothenburg several years. I'm a professor at the University and I live with my partner, we would love to have dogs, but we cannot now because we travel too much. For me, helping someone with their dog(s) is not a job, but I do this exclusively for passion (that's why I have low rates). I genuinely love dogs and they usually love me back :)

I cannot host a dog at my place because at the moment I'm renting an apartment with strict rules about this, but I'll gladly bring a dog out for a walk to Sognsvann or at the park or wherever you like for a few hours (or longer if necessary and possible). Mostly I'm available evenings and weekends, and sometimes my partner could join me.

I believe that being positive and determined with dogs is important. I don't believe in punishment, but rather in incentives and in making them feeling loved and cared for. I also believe that dogs need entertainment to be happy.

So! Hope you'll give me the chance to walk your dog and I'll make sure that he/she will have some great time :)

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