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Om Anna-Sófía

We are Kennel Mjallarshiba , breeding the Shiba Inu here in Oslo . We go every weekend at least one , sometimes on both days on a day hike for about 10 to 15 kilometers . Usually we take 2-3 of our dogs with us :) An example route we take is Nordmarka - start Frognerseteren up to Ullevålseter and back down to Sognsvann . We usally leave in the morning between 10 am and 12 pm and are back between 17 pm and 19 pm . We would like to take one more dog with use or even 2 are possible if we ( me and my spouse ) walk together . Those kind of walks are best suited for dog breeds like alaskan malmute , husky , samoyed or Shiba we we have for example. All our dogs are very friendly and well socialized . We can take only dogs with use who are well socialized as well so It is very important that we meet once before singning up for a walk :) We can pick up your dog at your place or you can also bring her or him to our house in Smestad . A bit more about my background - i grew up with trained hunting dogs as the small munsterlander and i have experinece handling dogs with a strong hunting instinct in forest areas. I also have experinece with walking big dogs as Rottweiler and Alaska malamute which is one of my favorite dog breeds . We take all our dogs ( we have 4 ) on daily basis for at least 2 hours in dog parks to socilize them with other dogs and dog breeds :)

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