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Eva Victoria

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Om Eva Victoria

I always from a very young age, lived very close with house pets, either its been cats or dogs. I live permanently in Oslo in a family apartment. But from times its only myself and my four legged Pomeranian, which utilize this large city apartment in Oslo.

Ideally I will be looking to host only small lap dogs as the same size as mine. As she is not 100% comfortable with large dogs around as well as the socialization needs to be build up. She is fully vaccinated and de-wormed regularly, as I tend to bring her with me when I travel abroad. We have walking distance to many lovely parks and hiking facilities, such as Frognerparken. Prada, as her name is, is very playful and a typical pom which requires a lots of attention. Although she is very picky I tend to cook for her, her favorite meal which is salmon.

Personally I have a lots of spare time as I dont have a full time job, which require office attendance. I am an interior designer, and work form home maintaining my own webpage and traffic.

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