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Om Kristína


My name is Kristina and I live in Nyksund with my dachshund Vicka. Vicka is almost 4 years old and I adopted her from shelter when she was almost 6 months. From that time we have been very close to each other. I work here in Nyksund but also have time to look after your dog if you need. I have had experience with many dogs from my family, or my friends. My Vicka is very active but when she is tired she sleeps automatically like a puppy :-) I can offer your dog active day - hiking, jogging, walking, cycling and so on but also lazy days full of relaxing. My Vicka has been trained since she came to me. It means that I have already studied many tricks how to learn dog new things..and it seems it works :-) So do not be afraid to contact me also if your dog needs to know some more tricks....we can at least try :-)

I am looking forward to you and your family member

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