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Valborg Maria

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Om Valborg Maria

There were always big and small animals around me when I lived at my mother’s house. At one time there were around ten animals in our house. We had rabbits, hamster, guinea pigs, birds, fishes, cats, and dogs. Our house was like a small zoo. I had the responsibility to walk one or two times with the smallest dog every day for many years. It was good for me to get out whatever weather and Bambi loved walking. I could always go to her and just cuddle for hours. We had a wonderful connection, and I think a lot of that came from all the walks we had together. Bambi was a schipperke and we also had a rottweiler. This is one of the things I am missing now that I have been living by myself. It would perfect for me to work as a part-time dog walker when I am in Milan.

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